I've wanted to leave since I got here.

There are ways to be discovered for fighting the emptiness that is working in retail. Here is one:

"and who knows the voluptuous delight of what is yet to come?" -Nietzche

This is written on a piece of receipt tape and crumpled up into a ball so that i can feel it in my pocket throughout the day. I've found that if you bring a beauty, indisputable in your mind, into solid form and let it graze your skin occasionally, you can retain a small portion of the joy that is the only sane reaction we have any hope left for.

There's nothing else to say right now. Actually this is a fallacy, not only are there things to say (always), but even I have things to say. I restrain myself now though, for even while i speak of sensible joy, it is anger that continues to fill my crevices. And that lingering emptiness that struggles perpetually towards sorrow. So I'm done.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (5/24/04)

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