"Counting my losses, wasn't sure if I should count you." -D

"Fear is the opposite of faith." But fuck faith. And fuck fear, too.

Luckily, when you've had your heart torn in a major way, all subsequent disappointments seem insignificant by comparison.

"But I refuse to be concerned with condescending advice, cuz I'm the only motherfucker that can change my life." -I.T.

-L (8/19/13)

"'Would that life were a song!?,' blazed those olive eyes."

(OUCH! God forsaken.) I fell out of bed again this morning. It's a mad thing, this bewildered occupancy you've taken up in my mind.

Indeed, like grinning men in beat-up cars -- wearing glasses and looking straight ahead. Like tiny-tiny girls as cute as this -- muttering with a purpose. Oh! Like skateboarding women, holding on strong with one hand -- tattooed calves painted.

What if you knew me? What would your opinion look like?

I don't understand... I like being so separate. We are arbitrary and irreparable, like the smell of pine on my palm and the utter listlessness of a waning light; like pursed lips in anticipation, waiting to flinch. Is it lyrical, at least, the meaning beyond the words?

"And they've got these long benches, see, and you have to stand up and hunch over to eat so all the chili falls out! It's awesome...it's awesome."

Now I'm feeling more at peace. It dawns on me that within our mind and soul's creativity IS the place to dwell. And that I haven't read my Tarot for quite a long time... So there it is, my conclusion: I always start the Fool, and after the journey, end up the Magician again.

-L (8/5/13)