Please, please, please steal my helmet!!! (And hey, take the jacket too.)

So yeah. My beautiful truck (no lie, a 1963 Ford F-250 flatbed, bright orange and everything) got totaled last weekend. ('Totaled?' 'Totalled?' Eh.) Some son of a bitch hit the poor thing as it sat, fuel pumpless, on the side of the road awaiting my return. Slammed the fucker into a Redwood. Oh, oh, oh, and then he disappeared so I'm just out the $850 towing bill, apparently.  Woe is me.

And then, and then, get this, my last mode of transportation is a motorcycle with a bald back tire which I'm driving 40 miles to and from school at least three times a week, right? So I'm working on getting a new tire and in the mean time driving carefully. Well YESTERDAY (cruelest of all days, indeed) I left my oh so heavy gear with my bike for point 2 seconds while I ran into the computer lab to print out a report due next class and when I got back it was all gone...just gone. Since it was already 3:30 and everybody closes at 6 around here, it meant I had to skip my last class (after turning in my report of course, fear not Darlings) in order to hike all the way down the mountain and into the city to find the closest bike shop selling helmets just so i could get back home...well, legally at least. Now i'm cruising around in Harley gear for no good reason at all, except that its dealership was only five miles away.

So there you have it. And all the while I'm just thrilled that occasionally something interesting happens. Bah.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (10/8/05)