The physics of Billiards eludes me every time.

How can a contradiction be also harmonious? And stilll...

(Like the acute injstice of all us people being utterly incapable of specific communication with most due to language barriers, juxtaposed with the inconceivable perfection of each language in its effortless distinction from any other.)

...I am so...

(Like the silly, encompassing boredom at the core of everything anyone ever thinks to say or do, and how fascinating the existence of this notion seems to be.)


(Like the debilitating self-doubt that can only accompany the approval of a stranger, when before your worth was never even considered.) my own. I wish conceit wasn't a criterion for consciousness.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (12/30/05)

P.S. This morning an old Italian man blew a kiss to me when I passed him in my car, just because I smiled at him. Such things, such things.