Y Teulu

mi esposo, James Arthur
mi mama, Mary Ann
mi papa, James Ivan
mi hermano mayor, Jacob Richard
mi hermano mayor, Robert Joseph
mi hermano menor, Alex James
mi hermana hermosa, Katie Sue

I look at plots, now, and imagine the hands of the gardener-lover.

What is this bit of insanity i'm falling in with, like a bad crowd? It's been just about a year and a half since I gave this book my pen--which is about head to head with how long I've been with M. Strange, that just this journal has been given over to neglect, and none other. And now? Well, I've got some things to say.

(A girl wearing all black, but for her blondblond hair, bicycles right past with ever the slightest smile...:)

On Thursday, I learned that my grandmother has been diagnosed with uterine cancer. I'm going to call her today, then perhaps I'll have a better idea of how to react to this. Recall that her husband passed away with prostate cancer some time ago--now let it go. Also, yesterday M and I spent our afternoon and evening in San Francisco. We met an amazing man named 'Bobby' - bladed like a champ w/dancing in his legs; drove a super-stylish convertible; smiled with purpose & abandon! - and we bought a burger & chocolate shake for a faith-filled woman named Latoya - pregnant & HIV-positive; just out of her grandly-loved Sacramento, which still held the threat of an abusive husband; stoked with gratitude for God & his gift of us, to her. I don't yet know what to do with these living people & the impressions they left me, but I think their lessons must prove easier translated, than that of my beloved grandma.

Did you know that a needle exchange program allows heroin users to get clean needles for hits? The unjudged junkie may go unchecked with this, but the spread of HIV is drastically stinted. The world is full of goods & bads. But I still think that countries should only allow a small percentage of their land to be outright 'held' by 'foreigners'. What's it mean to be a citizen of a country, mostly owned by citizens of other countries?! And also - HIV-positive Gabe from Melaque deeply penetrated my carefree demeanor, that night we met, but he gave me a lime popsicle in atonement.  (And none of that has anything to do with sex.  Honest.)

Faretheewell folks,
-Talthea (8/17/08)