E. versus E., the final frontier!

'Existence is inherently experiential'? I don't think it is. Experience is of life--experience is a choice; existence implies powerlessness. Which does not describe this threatened pointlessness. That meaning, too, must be chosen, as a value-posited. The questions, once again, are asked of life alone: the value/meaning of things being based on how much WE value them, and give to them meaning, and more than could (just) be implied.

Think of it in negative terms: you can always stop experiencing, because you can always stop living. But you've no say in existence. None. Even if we're so clever as to kill ourselves, it doesn't change how existence has had its way with us, nor its say in who we've decided to not become. If we reflect the potential/possibility of choice...what does that mean for the distinction of our existences? ...in that each of us are perhaps the result of a decision made by others. Proximately, our bearers, (ha! that is to say, our parents, crazy-head,) but ultimately? Is the WHO arbitrary then?!

[I don't know that things are more or less important, I think they just take up more or less of our time...] [You're either wearing the glasses of your life or you're not--there's no breaking them apart. And when you are, everything you see is yours, as seen by you alone--when you're not, there are no opinions; no almosts; (as though) things are what they are, supposedly, and having nothing to do with you. To say that these are my voices...that's it? Ridiculous.]

This existence playing out for each person, one moment at a time. But also occupied by an awareness of the existence of another. So that every step is like a thought given to those steps of this other, whose heart is beating as surely as mine. [But can you believe it, really?]

Still this other is always wholly absent. His existence like a breath barely noticed, a head hardly nodding its consent, but subtly audible when due attention is spared. And for some reason it is, more often than before...but before what?

Existence is not a given thing!--we are blessed to have it. Do you see this? (Oily skin and all. :) Can you give me a reason for why you do anything!? I wouldn't accept it anyway, so far beyond the point.

What about her? What about them?! The point is that they're inseparable in a multitude of ways. Human; worldly; conscious; continuous and discrete. We've always been tiny-tiny-tiny and almost not here. Something about a tear tells us so...what about when we're not thinking about each other? How about when I'm not thinking about anything that's not possible for me to consider? Oughtn't we practice some form of restraint?! It's like flowers on a palm tree--no way. No way! Think about your steps; the steps you take--how many there are! Can we compare this fashionably to those of another? How so? Why even!? So obviously it's indeterminate.

"This is a statue from Santa Rosa." That's a man sporting stereo headphones. "It's a heart."--"You're the fashionable one!" "And she made me waffles," then, you see? Rock-star girl, Uzi-toting gym bag with sunglasses; something worth seeing... here. So maybe we should just leave.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (12/1/07)