Impulsive purchasing of vintage skirts will keep one standing.

I can't claim to be on top of the standard i set for myself at the moment in terms of my awareness. I'm tired.

I can say that i'm present just enough to concern myself with the fact that this is only my second entry here and i ought to be giving an accurate impression. I don't think that i am. Oh, oh, it's cuz i'm so tired. So it's okay. I forgive you.

My hands might be shaking a li'l bit, i'm not entirely positive. I suppose this may be the result of my eyes twitching or something. I'm not sure what quip would go well with this last. Whatever, the truth be on my side, Child.

My feet hurt from sprinting for twenty minutes on a treadmill last night barefoot. It was well worth it: the pain is swell. I'm sure it proves something, enfolds some truth. Maybe it's just that it proves that there's such thing as truth. I have no idea what i'm talking about. (No, unfortunately i can't use my borderline insomnia as an excuse as this be a perpetual state.)


Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (5/14/04)

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