A momentary stay against chaos... Civility! Join the circus.

What if I called you 'finished'? What would you take that to mean?

My first impression is that you don't think in these terms, as probably I shouldn't. Such thoughts don't last long anyway. And while this fact ought not count against them (for what does last!? not even the definition of the word), it still does. Maybe if they faked it better...

[Speaking of thoughts--I think I'll use my teeth next time.]

"Whenever something changes it's like it was always that way for me." I don't remember how you used to talk to me, or what I must have been thinking of. Evolution is a process of deletion.

There's a woman-shaped Arrowhead water bottle now. Can aesthetics really reach so far? What the fuck.

I found a flimsy, aluminum ring underneath my desk at work, where the power strip sits. I like seeing it on my ring finger, like it's being used for good at last. I wear it on my highest knuckle, just below the tip. I think it will remind me of something, once I remember what. At least I know I've forgotten what your hands look like by now. Maybe there's something to say for that.

My class is about to start. It's called 'Philosophy of Biology' and it will go on for three hours. I'm wondering how you'd like it.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (2/7/07)

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