Awareness is the opposite of conviction!

We just watched an owl outside of Oakes College, now we've only the students to look at. (The level of reciprocal scrutiny has laxed, somewhat.) But then!

She stayed perched in a redwood--huge, the both of them--and looked on as we were passed by. (There was a boy talking on his cell phone; a guy riding his bike and singing loudly in key; and a kid on a bike that finally inspired our owl into her next hunt, focused on the movements of a fog of moths descending.)

Just now I think I saw a couple. They walked into this place and ordered something to go, sat right there and waited for it, then left without speaking to each other at all. He held the door open for her on their way out. I don't know anything about people.

When I walked by College Eight I thought of a girl and how she belongs to my distraction. I thought ugly, stupid things on accident--only so, in that they were selfishly-bent, and tiny-people narrow-viewed.

But things aren't so small or easy as 'whose bed?' or 'how often?' The truth of the thing is in what they talk about by default, and when being habitual for each other became obvious and preferable. The truth is the life of things, not the stage they're played out upon. And that little grinding going on in your stomach? You have to grow out of that, call it mistaken.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (1/24/07)

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