The allowance of life, happening to us; never the other way around.

Hmmm...  One big wondering what the hell is going on, most of the time now.  Putting ourselves in situations we haven't allowed for years; interviewing all over the state for the next stage of our lives; pretending to expect meaning to be gleaned from every glance/chance/near-arbitrary decision.  One of the problems, I think, for people who now have trouble with seeing what's the purpose, is that everyone around us who doesn't seems so mystical, all-knowing, seductive in comparison.  This can hardly be an acceptable way to operate.

"But take a minute now, think this through.  Give it a second and a bird's-eye view.  Think of the moments you've got left to lose - like how much time are you really down to do?!"  -D

Themes, themes, themes.  And metaphors.  Maybe all this is just the Theme of Years?  How many left, still yet to be seen.  I wonder whether the sun wishes sometimes for the sweet dismal of darkness?  I wonder whether it gets tired of shining, always oh-so-bright?  I wonder if it hurts its own eyes; keeps itself awake all night?  Even so, the dull moon would be the better companion, though lacking such timeless intensity.  'Least it'd have more than one thing to alwaysalwaysalways be talking about.

"Well I don't, don't need, need, need to know, but there's a set of my keys left under your door, and if you need a place to sleep tonight, well that's what family's for..."  -D

-L (3/10/13)

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