Two years today.  Two years too late.  "I'm sorry but you missed her, Mr. Mystery to me.  How lost you seem to be."  This year, like last year.  None like the year before.  Everything, being changed now - and then what happened next.

Rather than fading or dulling or making sense, my missing you has become an empty thing, hungry like nothing living is.  No memories seem able to fill it.  And how limited they are, from the very get go.  Sometimes I have to not look at them at all, knowing this well that they do not look back.

I'm sorry that I'm not lighter by now.  I'm sorry that I've yet to let your sweet life make up for your bitter death, here in my own broken heart.  So many things have happened that I'd like to share with you.  But also, no time has passed at all.  It's like you took it with you.

Every day I love you more.  Everything feels exactly the same, and is altogether different.

"Still here.  Still loving you more than life."

<3, -Sister

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