Unfortunate Philosophies & Despairing Revelations

I'm a little bit needy, I've discovered. Is it worse when in comparison with other couples? Or only now, when massive change is imminent and artfully unspoken? Either way 'twill be at least partial relief to let it go, this need in wait of fulfillment; this heart-squeeze of hope.

What cold secret compels a lover to look at his love with weary exhaustion? Why would I ever choose to follow suit, seeing the struggle of growth shape a relationship as though it were a fight we were forced into--as though just being here smacked suspiciously of an extended workday, too much for you to bear?

My inside voice is screaming, 'Why not see the future?!' It seems readily apparent to me tonight: my wanting you? You're gonna miss that when it's gone. Why you're missing it now, I can't understand.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (5/12/09)

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