And chapped lips meet rigid jawline indeed.

Oh dearest, you are in question! (Where look you now into the future?) Four months under our belts and counting, we're fast approaching the busted-up timer of something like 'cultured'. Yeah Right. And in the mean time? I bet there's no such thing as an end, my motherfucking sweetie-pie.

'Tis an ode to bruiSed knees and a renegade lock of salty hair! Teddy bears with blackened frozen eyes gaze out to beg a touch; tough peach rotten with contented worms, having a grand ol' time at being devoured so softly. (Rest In Peace.) "i never tried to give my life meaning by demeaning you. And i would like to state for the record that i did everything that i could do." -A.D.

So now? What now!? Just often and quiet as possible. I feel the truth of every day as though it whispers breezily on my neck. The tone sounds only sometimes with that cringe of harshness, though almost often now with a slight panicked taste on its tongue. Don't panic!! Cuz you know what? Describing the point of a beginning is even less likely than that of an end - but foreverly more interesting in the attempt, i think. Hmmm?

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (10/4/07)

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