Sure, sometimes trucks break for no reason and leave you stranded for nine hours, it's fine.

I'm tired of the pretenses.

w00t! I finally got the internet up in this God forsaken town. (Which is to say that I love it here, and so on and so forth.) This is a good thing because apparently 92% of my final grade depends upon whether or not I'm technologically advanced, Ancient History not excluded. Besides, who knows? Maybe I'll get lonely enough to log in to this place more than just occasionally. I hope not, that would ruin everything.

This crazy moth keeps running into my face. It's kinda nice.

So I'm lamenting the loss of a class today, but I don't know which. This is me, having to drop one. Isn't that so tragic, needing to choose which absence to suffer through? And of course you must choose something to mourn or else risk losing interest altogether. Anyway.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (9/30/05)

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