I'm going to be a philosopher when I grow up!

I'm thinking about the Vienna Circle tonight. And MOZART Makes You Smarter. And lotsa-lotsa accidental physics, "Back and more mysterious than ever!!".

I want to say something along the lines of pretending by nature (though it's easier to think of the next word by watching the present one materialize on the screen...no way is this going to help me). Something about either having faith in the "why", or else avoiding it altogether...and not because it doesn't imply us.

Wait a moment--i'ma gonna go comb my hair before it dries... (Just because i oughta. :)

Alright. I don't think that science is most relevant. I don't think that an explicit language is more objective because it is less intuitive. I do think that objectivity is absurd outside of a context of communication.

Speaking of binaries: what of the macro/micro scenario? Have you ever cracked a rock into pieces? They don't really fit together afterwards either. (Ridiculous simplification, darling? Maybe.)


Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (10/25/06)

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