Oh but the wincing melodrama will have you yet.

I know a girl called Agitated. She deserves unceasingly to be soothed, as it is her purpose. There is another, her counterpart, and she is known as Distracted. We hold no hope for her, though of course she cannot know this.

And such is the weight of their existence.

The view from this angle seems to me so much like perfection that it must spill over into another's. Any lack of evidence for this can still be overlooked. The most loyal of questions, thus, remains, "How far?"

A veces i believe the world would find sudden supreme beauty if its whole stock of shoes vanished. The earth could be felt once more, as readily as ever. The tender feet of a person could unhide from him that the way to travel is slowly, so that again he would see.

And it will be as if the blinking has finally stopped.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (9/3/04)

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