As smoldering coals freeze beneath my feet.

Days ago i walked to the beach and someone spoke to me. He was a man that might have been homeless but just as easily not. He stood at the other side of the street and i approached him as i crossed.

A mile before i had picked up a piece of trash whose path i crossed and i had been holding it crumpled in my fingers for an awaiting trash can. I think this is why it happened; I think God wanted to acknowledge me.

My headphones were covering my ears so i didn't hear him at first, but as i increasingly smile at strangers to have their eyes for one moment, i saw his lips move. In a deliberate motion the music fled my ears.

'I said do you know how beautiful you are? Has anyone told you how beautiful you are? You really are, i just thought you should know.'

I told him my name and put my hand out for him to shake. He kissed it instead and told me his. I thanked him for saying such a thing and then i left. Behind him and at the edge of the beach i finally found a trash can.

Faretheewell folk,
-Talthea (7/10/04)

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